For professional artists

Artist residency at Tjøme is not a new idea, – in 1885 Henrik Ibsen’s brother, Ole wrote:

«The estate where I reside is named Ormelet. It has a very pretty and romantic situation, with splendid dwellings and gardens. There is also a coniferous wood behind the buildings which has a plain where one can walk, fantasize and dream. The view of the sea and countryside from the highest point on the estate is impressive. Here, I sometimes think, would be the ideal ‘Summer residence’ for Henrik. He could create ideas and collect impulses for his writing in beautiful, undisturbed nature, hindered by none.»

In 1991 Gamle Ormelet Pensjonat was restored and established as a cultural centre. Offering various activities to the public, – exhibitions, seminars, courses and other cultural functions.

The centre will be expanded in 2016 when we will be able to invite foreign and Norwegian artists to a residency stay at Tjøme. Gamle Ormelet is based on ecological thinking and sustainable development.

About the residency

  • A meeting place for artistic interactivity to stimulate artists from all artistic disciplines to live, work and collaborate.
  • The art practices will occasionally be combined with lectures/seminars by critics and philosophers.
  • Gamle Ormelet has 7 rooms, good working areas and studios.


Tjøme in Norway, on the coast of the Oslo-fiord. Two hours south of Oslo.

Residency periods

We have closed for period and will not take in new artists this year.

Eligible criteria

Professional artists.